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More than 25 years working for the environment

Adopt a tree

Have you ever thought about planting a tree?
A simple event with great impact.

Together we can reclaim our forests

Our mission is to foster love and respect
for nature through knowledge.

Colouring book

Joint publication with the Cultural Coordination of the Ville de Luxembourg


A documentary approach to the diversity of tropical rainforests.


A publication aimed at awakening early interest in local biodiversity.

Educación e Investigación

Photographic Safari

In the world's most diverse jungles

With the support of our partners we can continue to articulate
environmental education plans and promote green thinking.

Discover the different ways to participate

Orient your intervention according to your interest


Buy consciously, give efficiently.

By buying our products you are supporting the dissemination of scientific knowledge.

B2B - Gifts

Companies for biodiversity.

Your company can be part of the change by associating your brand to eco-responsible projects.


Education and Research

Our mission is to promote the understanding of nature through a series of educational plans.

Who are we?

We are an organisation that works on the basis of projects that favour the integration of man with his natural environment.


More than 25 years documenting the flora and fauna in the wildest jungles of Planet Earth.


Dozens of publications endorse our track record in the creation of educational content.


Simón Bolívar” Conservation Award in recognition of commitment to environmental conservation.