An initiative coordinated by the Proyecto AVE Foundation
with private seed capital from Germany and Luxembourg.

Fabian Passariello, spokesman and director of the Proyecto AVE Foundation, presented today, June 1st, to the Venezuelan media, the formal start of a new reforestation plan for the Venezuelan Andean foothills.

“We are starting a new ecological battle: to promote our first reforestation project in areas affected by the expansion of the agricultural and livestock frontier in western Venezuela, an environmental action project that contemplates the creation of new forests with native and endangered forest species”, said the spokesperson of this organisation dedicated for more than 25 years to the promotion of green thinking in South America and Europe.

The initiative is called Proyecto Chururú, an action that is expected to result in an ecological agroforestry production axis in which national and international wills can join forces, in order to reverse the effect of the ecological degradation that traditional agriculture and extensive cattle ranching have had on the area for years.

At the event held at the Hotel Valle de Santiago in the city of San Cristóbal, the Churururú Project team, composed of engineers Leonardo Chavez, Eymar García and Ana Mireya Vivas, together with the agricultural producer and owner of the pilot farm where the first period of the project is being developed, Nicolas Castellanos, interacted with the various representatives of the media, answering their questions.

Similarly, and despite the distances, the director of the AVE Project Foundation, Clemente Passariello, from Luxembourg, was present with a promotional video inviting the public to participate in this noble initiative that is being developed in Europe to be developed in Venezuela and the Andean countries.

Also noteworthy was the presence of the Rector of the Universidad Nacional Experimental del Táchira, Professor Raúl Casanova, with whom a cooperation agreement was recently signed which involves, among other things, the reactivation of the forestry nurseries of this important institution in the region.

One of the communication novelties that perhaps shone at the event was the presentation of the videos of the first international junior ambassador of Proyecto AVE, Manuela Passariello, who delighted those present with her linguistic skills in more than four languages, a girl who is shaping up to be a future top environmental activist.

The novel figure of tree adoption by any citizen of the world or international corporation is today the bet of Proyecto AVE, “any person in the world, wherever they are from today, is only a click away from being able to become an agent of climate change, with this we seek to open the compass of citizen participation at a planetary level” says Fabian Passariello who invites journalists to see the presentation of the Chururú Project on the website:, available in five languages.

“The environmental challenges of the present cannot be postponed, what we don’t do today we will regret tomorrow’ were the closing words of the innovative event that took place in the city of San Cristóbal, one hour from the Colombian border.